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Nigretta Falls

This one tumbles on the Wannon River with lots of pools and fishing holes to satisfy recreationists visiting this attraction. However, it’s a little smaller than Wannon Falls and it is subject to the same river conditions so there needs to be enough rain and snowmelt to see any decent amount of water.

Some people refer to these falls as a “Little Nigretta Falls” but we’ll leave it up to you to decide if you get that impression The falls is essentially right off the car park so there’s hardly any walking necessary to view the falls from the overlook, but there is a developed path towards its base if you’d like to swim or just see the falls from down there.

Botanical Gardens

The Hamilton Botanic Gardens is one of the earliest botanic gardens in Victoria and has great historical, scientific (botanical) and aesthetic significance. It received the State’s highest heritage protection, following its inclusion on the Victorian Heritage Register. After Hamilton was surveyed in 1850, land was set aside for a public garden in 1853 and gazetted in 1870.

William Ferguson, a landscaper from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, undertook the first plantings on site in 1870. However, from 1881, the gardens were developed to a plan by William Guilfoyle, the curator of the Royal Botanic Gardens and one of Australia’s greatest garden designers and botanists. Victoria’s fourth oldest botanic gardens, it is one of the State’s most intact examples of a 19th-century regional botanic garden, and an important early example of the work of Guilfoyle.


Wannon Falls

The Wannon Reserve is 14 km from Hamilton heading towards Coleraine. The entrance is very noticeable by the large boomerangs, one each side of the entrance. The signs state ‘overnight’ stay. This is believe is to stop people living there. We stayed 5 nights no problem. There were quite a few people staying 1 or 2 nights. Near the shelter, a pole used as a gate had been opened, which gives you access to camp near the shelters the turn off to go to the other falls nearby is right near the Wannon entry. This is called the Nigretta. It’s about 6 km drive. No camping allowed there. Lovely picnic and BBQ areas though. Even a rope for swing out over the water there is also a walk down to a lower viewing platform. Well worth a look. When in flood they both are spectacular.


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